Panama has many incredible regions varying from Panama City all the way up to the Costa Rica border. Of all of these areas; Boquete is considered the hiking capital of this spectacular country. Keep reading for 5 hikes you must do while in Boquete and check out the map below for the trail head locations!

The Lost Waterfalls Trail

The Lost Waterfalls Trail is the most popular trail in Boquete. The entrance fee is $7.00 USD and it takes 15-20 min to get to the trail head from the main part of town. The local bus (collectivo) will cost $2-3/person and a taxi will cost around $7 USD. The private land is maintained by local owners and they will show you a map and explain the trails upon arrival.

The hike gets hit with a ton of traffic so after a big rainstorm it will be quite slippery and muddy in sections. Rocks and tree roots stick out everywhere and one section even has a rope to help you climb! Despite all of that the waterfalls are absolutely gorgeous and the trail is alot of fun! The average time to do this hike is under 3 hours.

Pipeline Trail

The Pipeline Trail is a short and beautiful hike that has a low elevation gain and a chance to spot the elusive Quetzal (a famous local bird). Many hikers spend time searching for Quetzals and other wildlife such as howler monkeys, snakes, and other birds along this trail.

The Pipeline Trail head is located near the Los Quetzales trail head but instead of following the valley North, it cuts left and follows an old pipeline up the side of Volcano Baru. The local bus (collectivo) will cost $2-3/person and a taxi will cost around $7 USD. The trail wont take longer than 2 hours to complete and ends at a small but beautiful waterfall. The entrance fee is $3 and its worth every penny!

Los Quetzales Trail

The Lost Quetzales Trail is another popular hike in Boquete. As its name suggests; this trail will put you smack dab in the middle of Quetzal territory. If seeing one of these birds is high on your to do list then you’ve come to the right spot! Keep a close eye on the forest canopy and learn the Quetzal call by searching YouTube. The trail head for this hike begins just North of The Pipeline Trail head.

The local bus (collectivo) will cost $2-3/person and a taxi will cost around $7 USD to get there. There is a small entrance fee of $5 USD. This trail goes all the way to Cerra Punta but most hikers will go to the Mirador La Roca viewpoint and turn around. If you choose to hike all the way to Cerra Punta you can take a local bus down to David and back up to Boquete.

Piedra De Lino

Piedre De Lino is located just outside the town of Boquete and offers a breathtaking view of the entire valley. The trail is short, steep, and not maintained so be prepared for a challenge! This hike begins next to Hostal Casa Pedro and has no entrance fee. The trail head is only a 10-15 min walk from town or if you chose to take a taxi it will be $3-4 USD.

El Pianista

El Pianista is one of the longer hikes in the area. This was my favorite hike in Boquete even though when we reached the top all you could see was fog and clouds. The scenic trail along the creek is so stunning! The Trail begins next to the El Pianista Restaurant and there is no entrance fee. A taxi from town will cost $2-3/person. The trail itself is in quite good condition.

Keep an eye out for snakes when you`re hiking in and around Boquete as they are very common! We saw a small black snake on this trail that turned out not to be poisonous; but a guided hiking group that we passed had seen a large viper just off the trail so keep your eyes peeled!

We hope you enjoy your time in Boquete! Make sure to check out the maps at the bottom of the page for the location of each trail head. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comment below with your favorite hike. We`d love to hear from you!

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