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Hawaii is an insanely beautiful state with so much more to offer than just high end resorts! The incredible landscape and diverse wildlife makes it the perfect destination for any adventure addict, even those on a budget! Whether you`re snorkeling, hiking, whale watching or surfing; Hawaii is sure to amaze you.
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How To Get There

Hawaii has three international airports with Honolulu, Oahu being the most popular. The other two are Kona and Hilo, which are both located on the Big Island. You can fly directly into Maui or Kauai from the USA or a few airports in Canada, otherwise it will be easiest to fly into Honolulu and then book flights from there. Flights between islands are usually inexpensive and range between $100-200 USD round trip.

Best Time To Travel

Hawaii is an excellent travel destination year round, but there are certain months that receive significantly less rain. May, April, September, and October are some of the best months to travel to Hawaii as far as sunshine and crowds go. December to March offers is the best expert surfing season. If you would like to hike the Kalalau Trail in Kauai, summer will be your best bet for consistent weather. The climate on each island is slightly different. Honolulu and Maui have the most consist weather and tend to receive the most sun.

  • Dry Season: April-October
  • Wet Season: November-March

Average Daily Budget

Daily budgets range between islands with Honolulu and Maui being less expensive than Kauai and the Big Island. This is because shipments of goods arrive in Honolulu or Maui and are dispersed as required. With less infrastructure in Kauai and Kona, products are slightly more expensive.

Hawaii on a Budget: $121 USD per person per day. Camping at a County or State Campground, eating out 1-2 times per day, free activities such as hiking, snorkeling, or surfing, and renting a vehicle.

  • Budget Accommodation: $12 USD per person per night
  • Transportation: $30 USD per person per day
  • Activities, entrance fees & tours: $35 USD per person per day
  • Food & Drinks: $32 USD per person per day
  • Miscellaneous & camping equipment: $12 USD per person per day

Hawaii Mid-Range Travel: $295-360+ USD per person per day. Staying in an Airbnb or Hostel, eating all meals out, taking tours, and renting a vehicle.

  • Hotel Accommodation: $100+ USD per person per night ($200+ USD per night split between 2 people)
  • Taxis and bus tours: $60 USD per person per day
  • Activities, entrance fees & tours: $75-100 USD per person per day
  • Food & Drinks : $60-100 USD per person per day

Hawaii Luxury Travel: At least $500 USD per person per day. If you plan on staying in a 5 star hotel on the beach while eating out, doing excursions, and shopping, your daily bill will be significantly higher!


Renting a Vehicle: This was our preferred way to travel through Hawaii, especially if you plan on doing a lot of camping and hiking!

Walking: Walking is a great way to explore most towns and small cities throughout the islands.

Cabs: Taxis are available in Hawaii but are typically the most expensive method of transportation.

Uber & Lyft: While these options are cheaper than a taxi, they are not common in the less populated areas.

Buses & Shuttles: There are a number of buses running in and out of each city very efficiently for a fair price. Make sure to check schedules online.


Camping: In our opinion, camping is the way to go in Hawaii! Campsites range from $3-20 USD per night and are super easy to book online or in-person.

Airbnb: If you`re not into camping, Airbnb will be the most inexpensive option. You can typically get a room inside someones home for $100-$200 USD per night. Booking early is key to getting the best deals and the best locations.

Hotels & Resorts: Hotels vary in price across Hawaii depending on location and level of boojeeness(that`s a word, right??) If you are looking to save some money, you might consider staying slightly outside of the main tourist areas. If you want to be right in the action, a nice hotel is going to cost you upwards of $500 USD per night.

Budget Tips

  • Avoid traveling during holidays
  • Rent a vehicle through Turo
  • Stay at the local campgrounds
  • Shop at local markets like Big Save
  • Eat at the food trucks
  • Refill 5 Gallon Water bottles at refill stations
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