Brooklyn Bridge: A day in Brooklyn, NYC

New York City

New York City is unlike any place you will ever visit. It is full of culture, food, entertainment, beauty and diversity. Spend time roaming through museums or enjoying Broadway shows. Explore central park or walk along the waterfront. Indulge in food, shopping, nightlife and excellent entertainment. There is something for everyone and endless things to do in NYC!
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How To Get There

New York City has three major airports easily accessible from most places in the world! JFK, Newark, and LaGuardia are all options depending on where you are arriving from. You can take the subway from JFK to Manhattan; while LaGuardia  Airport is only accessible by bus or car. Manhattan is accessible by train or car from Newark Airport. Be sure to consider your transportation options from each airport before booking your flights.

Best Time To Travel

The best time of year to visit NYC is from April to June or September to October. The crowds are more manageable than the summer and the weather averages 18-26°C. The summer months will be hot, humid, and more crowded. January and February will offer the cheapest time to travel but the weather will be cold.

Average Daily Budget

Your budget in New York City will vary greatly depending on where you stay and what you choose to do. It is possible to do NYC on a budget; and it is also very possible to spend a pile of money!

NYC on a Budget: $145-180 USD per day. Staying in an Airbnb, eating 1 meal per day at home, going to museums on cheap or free days, and walking/taking the subway everywhere.

  • Budget Accommodation: $70 USD/ night ($140 USD/night split between 2 people)
  • Subway/ Walking: $5 USD per day
  • Entrance fees/tours: $15 USD per day
  • Shows & Entertainment: $20-40 USD for comedy shows, $100-300 USD for Broadway shows
  • Food: $35-50 USD per day

NYC Mid-Range Travel: $235-330+ per day. Staying in a hotel, eating all meals out, taking tours, going to multiple museums, Broadway Shows, Comedy Shows, and taking taxis everywhere.

  • Hotel Accommodation: $100+ USD/ night ($200+ USD/ night split between 2 people)
  • Taxis and bus tours: $25-50 USD per day
  • Entrance fees/ tours: $30-40 USD per day
  • Shows & Entertainment: $20-40 USD for comedy shows, $100-300 USD for Broadway shows
  • Food: $60-100 USD per day
NYC Food


    Walking: It is possible to walk almost everywhere you want to go in New York City. It does take extra time and your feet will be tired but what better way to see the city and work off all that delicious food?

    Subway: The subway in NYC is excellent! It is efficient, cheap, and easy to navigate. You can get anywhere you need to go for $2.75 USD each way.

    Cabs: Taxis in New York are typically the most expensive method of transportation. With the traffic you will often arrive quicker by taking the subway or even walking.

    Buses & Trains: There are a number of buses and trains running in and out the city very efficiently for a fair price. Grand central station is your most likely arrival destination.

    Tours: The big red bus tour is one of the most popular tours. It can be a great option for someone who doesn’t want to do a ton of walking or if you are on a tight timeline. The price is $29 USD per day and you can hop on and hop off as much as you like. Be prepared to wait in lines to re-board the buses especially in the heavy tourist areas.


    Airbnb: From my experiences Airbnb is the way to go in NYC! You can typically get a great apartment in a central location for about $200 USD per night. Booking early is key to getting the best deal and the best location.

    Hotels: You can find a hotel for every price range in New York City. If you are looking to save some money you might consider staying slightly outside of the main tourist areas. If you want to be right in the action a hotel is going to cost you upwards of $300 USD per night.

    Budget Tips

    • Visit museums on free or discount days
    • Walk or take the subway everywhere
    • Rent a place with a kitchen and cook 1 meal at home per day
    • Book discounted tickets to shows the day of
    • Look into Broadway Theater lotteries where they usually sell a certain number of discount tickets per day.