You will find the perfect combination of small town charm and outdoor adventure in this wonderful mountain community. With options like hiking, mountain biking,  zip-lining, and skiing, Fernie will bring out your inner wanderer and reconnect you with the outdoors. Follow our guides for all of the best things to do in Fernie during your active weekend getaway!
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How To Get There

Fernie is nestled into the Canadian Rockies in the Southeast corner of British Columbia. It is only a few hours drive from most places in Southern BC and Southern Alberta.  Northern Washington, Idaho, and Montana are also relatively close. The closest airport is 1 hour away in Cranbrook, BC.

Best Time To Travel

Depending on what type of activities you`re interested in, you can plan to visit Fernie at any time of year. From amazing hiking and mountain biking in the summer months to skiing and snowshoeing in the winter, the options are endless! The fall is one of our favorite times to visit because of the beautiful colors and smaller crowds.

  • Spring: April-May
  • Summer: June- August
  • Fall: September – October
  • Winter: November – March

BudgetAverage Daily Budget

Your average daily budget in Fernie will completely depend on where you stay and what you choose to do. If you plan to camp or stay in a hostel, do mostly free activities and bring your own gear you can visit for relatively cheap. If you decide to stay at a high end resort and spend your days on the ski hill or on a guided fly fishing trip down the Elk River, you`re budget will raise substantially.

Daily budget when staying in a hostel, bringing your own gear and doing mostly free or cheap activities: $130 CAD ($97 USD) per person per day.

  • Accommodation: $35 CAD ($27 USD) per night for a single bed in a hostel or a campground
  • Transportation: $15 CAD ($11 USD) per person per day
  • Meals: $55 ($42 USD)  CAD per person per day
  • Attractions & Rentals: $25 CAD ($17 USD) per person per day

Daily budget when staying in a high end resort, renting a car, skiing, and taking expensive tours: $320+ CAD ($248 USD) per person per day.

  • Accommodation: $125+ CAD ($93+ USD) per person per day
  • Transportation: $30 CAD ($23 USD) per person per day
  • Meals: $90 CAD ($76 USD) per person per day
  • Attractions & Rentals: $75 CAD($56 USD) per person per day


Rent a Car: Renting a car in Calgary Cranbrook and driving to Fernie is a great option. It will typically cost you $40-50 CAD ($31-38 USD) per day. However, if you are under 25 the price is substantially higher. Inquire about coverage and unlimited kilometers beforehand to avoid getting surprised with fees upon arrival.

Bus: The town of Fernie offers a shuttle bus to and from the ski hill during the winter from 8 AM and 11:30 PM. The cost is $4 CAD per person each way or you can buy a 10 pack for $35 CAD. for more info; CLICK HERE.

Taxi: The local taxi company is one of the only transportation options in Fernie if you don`t have a vehicle. The prices are decent and they run 24/7.

Campervan: If your into the campervan lifestyle, renting a campervan from Cozy Campers in Calgary would be an epic adventure and allow a ton of flexibility! Rates vary during the winter months so be sure to check their website for up-to-date prices and availability.


Agoda is perfect for finding everything from hostels and B&B`s to 5 star hotels. You can search by map or by price and they typically have free cancellation.

Budget$25-45 CAD ($20-35 USD) per night. Dorm room (single bed), Airbnb rooms( double occupancy), or a campsite (double occupancy).

Mid range: $75-175 CAD ($58-136 USD) per night for 2 people.  An older hotel, Bed & Breakfast, or Airbnb.

Luxury: $200+ CAD ($155+ USD) per night for 2 people. 4-5 star hotel or lodge.

Budget Tips

Budget Tips

  • Get a hotel or B&B with breakfast included
  • Book your ski lift ticket a few days in advance online to save 18-20%
  • Stay somewhere with access to a kitchen and cook your own meals
  • Bring your own gear if you plan to do biking, skiing, floating down the river, etc.
  • Take advantage of all the FREE trails and things to do in Fernie!
  • A tip of 18% is customary for restaurants in Canada
Everything you need to know about visiting Fernie, BC. This adventurous mountain town is full of snowboarding, skiing, biking, hiking, fishing, canoeing and more! #fernie #canada #rockymountains