Belize is a stunning and diverse country located along the Caribbean Coast of Central America. Originally a British Colony; English is commonly spoken and the country still falls under British law.  Whether you’re searching for beaches, waterfalls, caving or Mayan Ruins; Belize is the place for you! Keep reading for everything you need to know before planning the perfect trip to Belize!

Best Time to Travel

The best time of the year to travel to Belize is during the dry season which typically spans from late November to mid April. Although there are more tourists at this time; the clear weather is essential for exploring Belize’s attractions. If you’re looking to beat the crowds you can visit in early May and June when the rainy season isn`t in full swing yet and prices are lower.

Rainy Season: May to November

Dry Season: December to April


The Belize Dollar is linked to the United States Dollar so $2.00 BZ = $1.00 USD.

$1.00 BZ = $0.50 USD, $0.67 CAD, or €0.44 Euro

Average Daily Budget

Our average daily budget in Belize was $281 BZ ($140 USD) per person per day. Keep in mind we rented a car and did a ton of activities including a flight over the Great Blue Hole ($185 USD each).

Daily Budget Breakdown:
  • Transportation: $74 BZ ($37 USD) per person per day
  • Food & Drinks: $46 BZ ($23 USD) per person per day
  • Accommodation: $91 BZ ($45.50 USD) per person per day
  • Tours & Activities: $70 BZ ($35 USD) per person per day


The recommended vaccinations for traveling to Belize are: hepatitis A & B, typhoid, yellow fever, rabies, meningitis, polio, MMR (measles, mumps & rubella), and Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis). Always double check with a travel clinic before you leave to make sure all your shots are up to date. Passport Health is also a good resource to check out the required travel vaccinations.


Local Bus: The cheapest transportation option in Belize is to hop on a local bus. We found that a tourist bus was much more comfortable for the extra few dollars.

Tourist Bus: There are tourist buses running between most major cities in Belize and even over to Flores in Guatemala. They are typically roomy and comfortable including a bathroom.

TaxiLocal taxis offer cheaper and more basic transportation than private cars. Make sure to discuss the price beforehand especially if there is no meter.

Renting a Car: We found this to be the best way to travel Belize with our time frame of 10 days. It gave us all the freedom we were looking for and wasn`t that expensive overall(about $150 BZ ($75 USD) per day). With Belize being a small country, you won’t be spending a large amount on fuel or time driving. This way you can also travel at your own pace and don’t have to worry about a bus schedule.

Budget Tips

  • Rent a car instead of taking taxis and tours everywhere
  • Stay in hostel or Airbnb that includes a kitchen
  • Book your accommodation well in advance (especially in high season) because once the vacancy rate goes down in an area the prices tend to go up
  • Bring snacks or a packed lunch to tourist destinations instead of eating there. The food vendors at many of the Mayan Ruins of high prices!
  • Eat from local restaurants or street carts once a day to significantly decrease your food budget

We hope you enjoy your time in Belize. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or with your favorite things to do in Belize! Wed love to hear from you.