When planning a trip to Nepal`s Chitwan National Park its easy to be overwhelmed by the selection of tour companies. There are so many options; how can you know which one to choose? Lucky for you we did a TON of research and found one company that stood out in all aspects. They offer excellent tours, knowledgeable guides, and a conservation based approach all at a reasonable price. From our experience; Nepal Dynamic Eco Tours goes above and beyond to ensure you have an unbelievable adventure!

Booking With Nepal Dynamic Eco Tours

Nepal Dynamic Eco Tours is a small business near Chitwan National Park operated by brother and sister Doma and Raj Paudel. I honestly cannot say enough good things about this tour company. They exceeded all of our expectations an gave us the safari trip of a lifetime. Everything was arranged over email where they built us a custom itinerary including all the activities we wanted in the time frame we sent them.

The guides were amazingly friendly and went above and beyond to ensure we enjoyed ourselves. From adding on extra time and activities to inviting us into their homes; we were always treated like good friends instead of just customers.

Responsible Tourism

Doma and Raj are extremely involved in the community around them. They have received numerous awards for their conservation efforts and strive to bring awareness to many local issues. Because of their close proximity to the National Park; many local families have lost crops, homes, or even loved ones to these wild animals. Doma and Raj have founded a Wildlife Victims Fund to help support those who have been impacted.

This is also one of the only operators in Chitwan that does’t include an elephant safari ride. Riding around on an elephant sounds awesome right? I mean.. think of the Instagram photos alone. The problem is; by participating in such activities we encourage the harmful treatment of these beautiful animals.

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Nepal Dynamic Eco Tours is the entire package making them our favorite tour company in Chitwan. Now that you know a little bit about them; check out some of the activities they offer!

Stay Overnight In A Jungle Tower

This was the highlight of my entire trip to Chitwan National Park! First we hiked in to our tower (about a 40 minute hike) at around 3 PM. We spent some time searching for animals and enjoyed the beautiful sunset. Although the tower is not technically inside the park; its in the buffer zone directly across the river. There are no fences or barriers so the chances of seeing wildlife are the same as they would be inside the park! The picnic dinner was delicious and the view from the bedroom was incredible! The entire experience was absolutely unbeatable and a must do while in Chitwan.

Take a Canoe Ride

The sunrise canoe trip down the Rapti River was a beautiful and peaceful experience. We saw tons of birds, gorgeous views of Chitwan National Park and even spotted a few crocodiles! Our guides made sure we were the first ones in the water gifting us with an undisturbed experience the entire time. This took about an hour and was followed by a jungle walk back to Sauraha.

See The Jungle With a Walking Safari

A walking Safari is one of the best ways to explore the National Park. We spent about 3 hours walking through the forest observing birds, spotting crocodiles, and even sighting a rhino! The guides were so knowledgeable teaching us about different species of plants, insects, and mammals. One of my favorite activities in Chitwan; the jungle walk was thrilling and serene all at the same time. Although we didn`t have any luck with spotting a tiger; we came across tons of fresh tracks and a tiger sleeping area (which was probably close enough for me while on foot!) You can choose a half day or full day jungle walk.

Visit The Tharu Village

The Tharu people are an ethnic group who reside throughout the southern part of Nepal including the area around Chitwan National Park. During this village visit we learned a great deal about their history at the local museum. While walking through the village Doma taught us about how the homes are made and many details about the local lifestyle.

Cruise Around On A Jeep Safari

A jeep safari can be done either inside the park or at the Kumroj Community Forest. We did a safari at each location in order to maximize our chances of seeing animals. You cover a substantial area in a jeep which can really increase the quantity of wildlife you see.

During our safari inside the national park we stopped at the crocodile breeding center which was really interesting. The main highlight of our day however was seeing a rhino. Now this wasn`t just a glimpse or a partial view; he came right out of the bush and took a bath in the river directly in front of us. It was absolutely incredible! Our guide was so skilled at finding these animals and excellent at positioning us for the best views.

So there you have it.. our favorite tour company and activities in Chitwan National Park! We hope you enjoy your time in this beautiful area. Don`t forget to check out Nepal Dynamic Eco Tours for pricing and contact info. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or leave your experience below!

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Nepal Dynamic Eco Tours: The Best Tour Company In Chitwan National Park, Nepal. Click through form information on Jeep Safaris, Walking tours, Canoe Rides, Jungle Tower Stays, Tharu Village Visits, and more! You don`t want to miss Chitwan National Park while traveling to Nepal! #chitwan #chitwannationalpark #chitwannepal #nepal #travelnepal #safari
Nepal Dynamic Eco Tours: The Best Tour Company In Chitwan National Park, Nepal. Click through form information on Jeep Safaris, Walking tours, Canoe Rides, Jungle Tower Stays, Tharu Village Visits, and more! You don`t want to miss Chitwan National Park while traveling to Nepal! #chitwan #chitwannationalpark #chitwannepal #nepal #travelnepal #safari

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