Welcome friends! Calgary is our home and I`m so excited to start to share all the great things about it! I am not vegan; but my severe intolerance to dairy makes eating vegan in Calgary my go to for a safe meal out. The truth is that going out to eat (without your only option being a salad.. hold the dressing) can be super frustrating!
I study the menu online beforehand, make special requests, feel like a pain in the a** and after all of that STILL end up feeling awful half the time. I got to a point where I just didn`t go out for meals because it was easier that way.
The good news you ask? Recently I`ve spent a ton of time researching and trying out different places that offer GOOD vegan options. So whether its a preference, an intolerance, or you just want to try out a vegan restaurant in Calgary; I`ve got your back! Keep reading for where to go while eating vegan in Calgary!

The Coup

Oh The Coup.. this is my number one go to for great food that will impress vegans and meat eaters alike! In a trendy little restaurant on 17th ave you can order inventive dishes including soups, salads, oriental inspired curries and subs, vegan burgers and so much more. You do not want to miss number one on my list for eating vegan in Calgary!

Our Recommendations: The Beach Front Hot Pot, The Giant Panda Bowl, The Cauliflower Wings, and everything else on the menu!!

Dairy Lane

Dairy Lane is not entirely vegan but it has some excellent vegan options! I love to bring family and friends here because they can enjoy the famous homemade burgers and I can safely order a dairy free meal. The food is outstanding and the cozy atmosphere is sure to charm you.

Our Recommendations: The Highlands Bowl ( I added Chicken to mine.. it doesn’t come like that), The Mediterranean Veggie Burger, and The Vegan Burrito Bowl.

Blue Star Diner

From the same owners of Dairy Lane; Blue Star is a popular spot for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Calgary. The offer multiple vegan options as well as non vegan dishes for others in your group!

Our Recommendations: The Journey Bowl, The BBQ Pulled Jackfruit Sandwich, and The Guacamole!

Thai Vegan Cafe

The Thai Vegan Cafe has some of the best Thai food I`ve had in Calgary.. and it`s all vegan! There are a number of different combos you can get and they have vegan cheesecake and cupcakes for desert!

Our Recommendations: Thai Green Curry, The Satay Skewers, Khao Soi, Spring Rolls, Ginger Chick`n with Cashew Nuts, and the desserts!

The Dandelion Cafe

Head to Inglewood while eating vegan in Calgary and check out The Dandelion Cafe. There is limited sitting room so if you want a table go before or after the lunch rush. Another option is to bring in your own containers and take some food to go. The cafe is small but sweet and the food is delicious.

Our Recommendations: The Pancakes, The Jack fruit Pulled Pork, The Chicken Cesar Wrap, and The Cookies!

Avatara Pizza

I don`t know about you but the biggest thing i miss about eating dairy is GOOD PIZZA! Lucky for all of us; Avatara Pizza offers multiple vegan options AND a build you own vegan pizza. The loaded veggie options are endless and the pizza is to die for!

Made By Marcus

Two words.. You`re welcome! If you haven`t ever tried this cashew milk ice cream you are seriously missing out! Made by Marcus now has two locations; however I find that in Kensington they consistently have more dairy free options. They also have a ton of unreal regular ice cream flavors for your friends!

Our Recommendations: The Cashew Milk Salted Caramel Date Ice Cream is my absolute favorite; but the Fudge Brownie and Wild berry Lavender are close seconds.

The Big Cheese

“The Big Cheese”.. sounds like somewhere we should stay away from right? Wrong! They offer VEGAN POUTINE and guess what folks.. its freakin` unreal! You can order the traditional vegan poutine or sub any menu item with vegan mozzarella and gravy.

Our Recommendations: The Traditional Vegan Poutine and The Vegetarian Poutine with vegan substitutes.


When Regrub first opened in Calgary the fancy burgers and milkshakes were enough to make everyone want to try one.. even those of us who weren`t suppose to (totally guilty!) The great news is that now they offer multiple vegan options for burgers AND milkshakes!

Our Recommendations: The Cookie Monster Vegan Milkshake, The RE:GRUB Burger and The Veggievore Burger.

So there you have it; some of the best options for eating vegan in Calgary! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comment below with your favorite vegan restaurant!
The Best Vegan Restaurants in Calgary: Click through for everything you need to know about eating vegan in YYC! Find vegan options from pizza to ice cream, pancakes, poutine, Thai food, and more!
The Best Vegan Restaurants in Calgary: Click through for everything you need to know about eating vegan in YYC! Find vegan options from pizza to ice cream, pancakes, poutine, Thai food, and more!

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