Do you want to eat fantastic food without breaking the bank on your trip to Hawaii? Look no further my friend! Oahu is full of enough unbelievable food trucks to feed you for days on end. From acai bowls to pizza, Mexican, and Thai food; this island really does have something for everyone. On top of being extremely trendy and Instagram-able right now; they are quick, delicious and budget friendly. Win, win, win! So keep on reading for a list of our 8 favorite food trucks in Oahu.

Surf N Salsa

If you only go to one food truck in all of Oahu… make it this one! Surf N Salsa is set up more like an outdoor restaurant than a food truck and every single thing that we tried was fan-freaking-tastic! The ingredients are all fresh and the corn tortillas are made, from scratch, daily! You definitely don`t want to miss this food truck in Oahu – to this day I still dream about those burritos?

Our Recommendations: The burritos and literally everything else on the menu!

The Elephant Truck

It`s doubtful that you will find anyone who loves Pad Thai quite as much as I do, and this place was authentically delicious! They are open from 5:30-9 PM most evenings but you`ll want to go early to avoid a long line! The Elephant Shack cooks everything fresh and you can even download their free app to place your order ahead of time!

Our Recommendations: The Pad Thai and the Thai Basil Fried Rice with Shrimp

Mike`s Huli Chicken

The TV show: Diners, Drive In`s, and Dives actually featured Mike`s Huli Chicken on one of their episodes and it has become quite famous for some unique reasons. First off, the meat is broiled over Kiawe Wood (giving it a unique smoked flavor) and naturally seasoned with Hawaiian sea salt. Secondly, many celebrities stop to catch a bit of Mike’s famous chicken making it fun to check out all the photo’s. Traditional Hawaiian plates like this contain rice, salad, pineapple and choice of meat. You don`t want to miss this place!

Our Recommendations: The Chicken & Shrimp Combo Plate

Aji Limo

Aji Limo is another food truck with a great outdoor sitting area. The menu boasts everything from salads and sandwiches to poke bowls and stir-frys and they`ve got plenty of vegan/gluten free options! Pupukea Farms in Oahu supplies all of their dish’s with fresh, local fish and organic produce.

Our Recommendations: The chicken yakisoba and the Thai poke

The Sunrise Shack

If you`ve never tried the Acai Bowls in Hawaii… get ready to fall in love. On top of multiple creative bowls; this adorable little shack also serves up coffee, fresh smoothies, and a few different salads, sandwiches and wraps!

Our Recommendations: The Monkey Bowl and the Jungle Matcha Bowl

The Iron Grill

The Iron Grill is a teppanyaki style food truck with everything cooked fresh to order on the grill. They give you your choice of protein, veggies, and sauce along with rice or noodles for a fantastic meal every time!

Our Recommendations: Teriyaki Beef with Veggies and Noodles or Chicken with Mixed Veggies and Garlic Rice

North Shore Tacos

North Shore Tacos is a family owned, Baja style Mexican restaurant, famous for award-winning fresh fish tacos and pineapple tiki drinks. Check out their restaurant or food truck on the north shore – it`s worth the line up, I promise!

Our Recommendations: The fish, chicken, and sweet pork tacos

Jerry`s Pizza

Jerry`s Pizza Mill has a food truck and a restaurant in Oahu. They serve pizza by the slice as well as pasta and baked subs and we loved the BYOB policy. David couldn`t even wait for the photo to take his first bite of pizza!

Our Recommendations: Jerry`s Pizza or The White Pizza

We hope you enjoy our favorite food trucks in Oahu, Hawaii! Please feel free to contact us with any question or comment below with your experiences, we `d love to hear from you!

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The best food trucks in Oahu, Hawaii. Click through for a list of the best places to eat on a budget including a ton on the north shore! Who needs restaurants when you`ve got all these delicious food trucks anyways? #oahu #food #foodtrucks #hawaii #madetotravel
The best food trucks in Oahu, Hawaii. Click through for a list of the best places to eat on a budget including a ton on the north shore! Who needs restaurants when you`ve got all these delicious food trucks anyways? #oahu #food #foodtrucks #hawaii #madetotravel

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