I`m sure we can all agree that the impacts of COVID-19 are far more substantial than many of us realized at first. Feeling scared and uncertain? Us too. Feeling lazy and in a rut? Been there! Feeling anxious and cooped up? Who wouldn`t be? It`s hard to feel confident and connected as a couple when your world has been turned upside down. But, because it looks like self isolation is going to be a part of our lives for the foreseeable future, why not try to take advantage of it?
Sure, there`s a ton of stuff we can`t do, but we`ve also got all the time in the world to come up with new things to do together. So, keep reading for a list of our favorite indoor date ideas as adventure lovers who can`t travel.

Write a Couples Bucket List

This is one of my absolute favorite indoor date ideas with David. We are both pretty big dreamers, and we`ve always really bonded over seeing the world for that exact reason. Writing a bucket list together is an awesome way to get each other inspired and start planning out your dream life!

Have a Backyard Picnic

Okay, not technically an “indoor activity”… but picnics are the bomb! They can be a romantic way to reset, especially when you`re feeling cooped up in the house. Pack up your supper, grab a blanket, a bottle of wine, and soak up each others company.

*Photo taken by the talented Alyse Lakeman Photography, check her out!*

Call War: A Silly String Battle or a Nerf Gun Fight

Is there really anything more hilarious that full grown adults chasing each other around the house with cans of silly string or Nerf guns? Probably not. Spending the evening playing carefree games together is one of the best things I can think of during these uncertain times. Trust me, your 13 year old self will be proud and laughing for hours is a surefire way to feel closer to one another.

Happy Hour Experiments

Instead of lounging around in your pajamas from sun up to sun down, again?, why not get dressed up and try a new extravagant cocktail for happy hour? This is one of those indoor date ideas that allows you to get as creative as you want, as many times as you want! Plus it`s a great excuse to get fancy for the night.

Cook a Themed Meal

Even though we can`t travel at the moment, we`ve got more time than ever to try new things! So this one is for all of my travel lovers out there who want to experience different countries in the only way they can right now; by making recipes from around the world! Choose a theme, pick a recipe and make something delicious together.

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Try an Online Escape Room

We`ve always really enjoyed escape rooms. It`s a great date idea that gets your mind going and brings you closer while working together as a team. Did you know that there are a ton of escape rooms offering online experiences for multiple players, for free? Awesome, right?! Here`s one to get you started: Enchambered Escape Rooms.

Plant Something Together

This could be more of a day date idea, but what better time to get started on that garden you`ve been talking about for the last few years? Doing some landscaping, planting a herb garden, or even making a terrarium is a fun activity that will leave you feeling accomplished and excited to see the fruits of your labor!

Camp Out in Your Backyard

Sure, it`s not the exact same as hiking into a mountain lake and setting up your tent for the night, but you can make your backyard fun and beautiful, too! Set up your tent and some twinkle lights, grab the comfiest bedding you can find and get out there for a night in the great outdoors.

Build a Fort in Your Living Room

If its too cold to camp outside or camping just isn`t for you, no need to fret! You can build an epic fort using all the furniture in your living room for a similar effect. Bonus points for creativity and if you can figure out a way to include the TV, have a popcorn an movie night from the comfort of your own fort.

Pillow Fight!

Yep, you heard me. It`s time to free your inner child. There`s not much that needs to be explained here…just try not to break any lamps!

*Photo taken by Alyse Lakeman Photography*

Play a Game

Game nights can be an awesome way to let loose and connect with each other. Whether its cards, monopoly, or one-on-one strip poker; get creative and have some fun! Something else we`ve been doing over the past few weeks is long distance beer pong! Basically, you set up a full table of beer pong at your house with a computer or a phone at the opposite end from you. Your friends do the same thing at their house, and then you Face Time!

DIY Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Has there ever been a better time for a DIY ice cream sundae bar? Gather up as many toppings as you can find and get building. The bigger, the better! You can follow this up with a movie night or enjoy it in your fort?

Have a Tasting Night

Whether it`s wine, cheese, chocolate, beer, or local takeout restaurants; a tasting night is a super fun way to try something new! You can even take it one step further and make fancy tasting menus or try a “wine and cheese” or “wine and chocolate” pairing. Seriously, you can`t go wrong.

Have a YouTube Yoga Date

It doesn`t even have to be yoga (that`s just my preferred option) but any at-home workout will do! There are tons of amazing teachers out there streaming live and recorded classes for the rest of us, so take full advantage of it! This is the perfect time to commit to your health in a fun way with your partner.

Looking for yoga recommendations? Check out one of my faves for free online classes: Lacey Smith Yoga.

Start Planning Your Next Trip Together

Just because it isn`t safe to be traveling at the moment, doesn`t mean that it will always be that way. Being proactive and getting the ground work done for the trip of your dreams with a “TBD” date is an excellent way to psych yourself up and boost your mood. You can plan the sights you want to see, the places you want to stay and your dream activities. Booking will be a breeze once this self isolation finally comes to an end.

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Have a Campfire

Any excuse to get outside is a good idea at this point! Take your date night outside for a fire and some s`mores. I guarantee you will forget all about this big scary pandemic business and come inside feeling reconnected and refreshed.

Breakfast or Dinner in Bed

Sometimes, we like to be hella productive. We run around at 100 miles an hour working on projects and checking things off of our to-do list. Other times, all we want to do is eat pancakes for dinner while watching a movie in bed. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of and completely surrender to those moods. After all, life is all about finding balance, right?

Decorate a Cake

If you`re anything like us, being stuck at home with endless baking supplies can be dangerous and a lot of fun all at the same time! Look up some recipes and spend the afternoon making your best “day at the beach” or “cookie monster” themed cupcakes! For my Calgary and area crew – Cakeify is actually delivering DIY cake and cupcake packages with everything you need to decorate right to your door. How cool is that? PLUS they have gluten-free and vegan options!

Have a Chocolate Fondue

Maybe I`m way off base here, but is there a single person on this planet that doesn`t like chocolate? A chocolate fondue is super easy to make yourself and it`s a different twist on dessert. You can even combine it with other indoor date ideas like a picnic or your tasting night!

Stargazing & Wine

Grab the blankets and pillows and head outside for a date night gazing at the stars. Even if you don`t have a setup like we did on this insane treehouse balcony at Ian Anderson`s in Belize, you`re going to love it. Don`t forget some snacks and the wine!

Build a Kite

Building and flying a kite was something we use to do a lot as kids. In my opinion, the magic of it is still the same as an adult. Spend some time creating your own kite together and then put it to the test on a windy day! Here`s a great resource on how to build a kite for adults.

We hope you found some indoor date ideas that will help to brighten up your self isolation. As always, we would love to hear from you! Feel free to contact us or comment below with a few of your favorites. Stay healthy and stay safe!

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21 Indoor date ideas for travel lovers (self isolation approved!) Click through for cute at home dates for all couples. These fun & romantic activities are free or cheap, including some of our most creative rainy day dates for couples at home! #indoordateideas #socialdistancing #madetotravel
21 Indoor date ideas for travel lovers (self isolation approved!) Click through for cute at home dates for all couples. These fun & romantic activities are free or cheap, including some of our most creative rainy day dates for couples at home! #indoordateideas #socialdistancing #madetotravel

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