A men`s backpacking packing list is always changing depending on the destination, climate, and the duration of your trip.  It seem’s your always adding new technology or shedding items you never end up using. Here’s an inclusive list of the essential items that I always pack before hitting the road!

Pack’s, Accessories, & Organization 

Regardless of the length of the trip or the climate of the destination; I always try to travel with a carry on size backpack (40 L or less.) This saves time, money, and energy lugging around an over weighted pack. With that being said; there are some great larger options if you do choose to check you`re bag. The two bags listed below are at the top of my men`s backpacking packing list. Osprey is an excellent company that offers quality products backed by a lifetime warranty.


It’s important to think layers when packing clothes. Lightweight quality clothes that can take a beating while your on the road are so important when it comes to staying warm and comfortable for hours on end. It’s also important to be able to adapt quickly to constantly changing weather. Here is my base for clothing no matter where I go; you can add a few extras depending on where you`re traveling too!

  • (2) Trekking/Traveling Shorts
  • Dress Shorts
  • Lightweight Belt
  • Swimming Shorts
  • (5) Athletic Underwear
  • (4) Socks Moisture-wicking, Quick-drying, and Odor-eliminating are best. DO NOT bring Cotton Socks!
  • (1) Wool Socks


Men's Backpacking Packing List

Without a doubt one of the most important items you’ll be bringing is comfortable footwear. It’s important to chose wisely because the footwear is most likely going to be the heaviest item in your backpack. Your going to want a durable and comfortable pair of shoes for hiking and exploring. You’ll also want a pair of day to day shoes like sandals or flip flops. A good option is to buy a pair of cheap flip flops when you get to your destination instead of bringing them from home.


Technology and traveling seam to go hand-in-hand. There are always newer and better products coming out; but some basics are always handy to have. Here are the electronics I always add to my backpacking packing list whether its for work or entertainment.

Toiletries & Hygiene Products

Hygiene is key to staying comfortable when your on the road. Nothing beats a hot shower at the end of a long travel day! For me; it’s important to have these items compact and organized to keep things accessible and clean.

  • Chap Stick w/ Sun Protection
  • Sunscreen (Marine Safe)
  • Nail Clippers
  • Trimmer & Charger
  • Hand Sanitizer


These items aren’t required but can be added depending on your destination. I generally add most of them to my backpacking packing list because they can be very handy when your on the road!

  • Ziploc bags & Garbage Bags
  • Compressible Water Bottle
  • Sink Stopper & Laundry Soap for Hand Washing Laundry
  • Tide 2 Go
  • Insect Repellent

First Aid & Medications

This is an important topic when it comes to traveling and many people will have a personalized kit based on their past experiences and medical history. Check out our DIY Travel First Aid Kit for the items that I never leave home without!

Money, Identification, and Documents

It’s a good idea to make copies of your important documents and store them in a safe place that’s separate from the original; as well as send them to a close friend or family member. In our experience; a money belt is the best way to keep your passport and valuables safe.

While spending months away from home at a time; these items have always been important to have when packing for any trip. Please feel free to contact us or comment below with your go to backpacking packing list items. We’d love to hear from you!

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