So you want to plan a self guided walking food tour through Manhattan? You have come to the right place my friend! New York City is known around the world for its excellent culinary scene. From $1 pizza slices to tacos, bagels, and desserts we`ve got you covered as you eat your way through Manhattan (and see some awesome sights along the way!) I will warn you that this tour isn`t for the faint of heart; there`s a lot of walking and A LOT of food involved. Bring an empty stomach and your best pair of walking shoes for the ultimate NYC food tour.

Things to Consider

  • It`s a Marathon, Not a Sprint: The best way to do this is to order 1 dish at each place and share it between your group.
  • Give Yourself Lots of Time: You will absolutely need a full day for this jam-packed food, walking, and sights tour! There are some awesome attractions built into this route so make sure you plan enough time to enjoy everything.

1. Murray’s Bagel

You cant visit New York City without eating a NY Bagel and Murray`s is the best place to do it! Kick off your day at 10 am with a breakfast sandwich on a freshly made bagel. I know it may be tempting to get your own.. but trust me and share 1 or 2 between your group.

The 11 Best Restaurants in NYC
The 11 Best Restaurants in NYC

Our Recommendations: Bacon and Egg Breakfast Sandwich and Avocado Toast.

From here, walk south and meander through Washington Square Park. Admire the Arch and the lovely fountain while simultaneously making room for your next stop.

Murray`s Bagel –> Pommes Frites: 15-20 minutes walk (0.7 miles)

2. Pommes Frites

Pommes Frites is a hole in the wall fry shack with a ton of character! They open at 11 am which should be perfect timing for you to get the first batch of delicious french fries. Make sure to branch out with the fun dipping sauces.

NYC Walking Food Tour

Our Recommendations: Fries with Mango Chutney, Rosemary Garlic Aoli, and Dill Lemon dipping sauces.

By now you’re probably not that hungry anymore; so head south for some shopping (or window shopping) in SoHo. The shops start about 5 minutes walk (0.3 miles) south of Pommes Frites and you can easily walk around for an hour or two. When you`re ready; head back north for lunch at 2 Bros.

Pommes Frites –> 2 Bros Pizza: 2 minute walk (0.1 miles) directly or 0.5-1.5 miles if you walk around SoHo and come back

3.  2 Bros Pizza

2 Bros is home to the best $1 pizza in the city! The slices are massive and you`ve gotta have pizza on your NYC food tour right?!

NYC Walking Food Tour
NYC Walking Food Tour

Our Recommendations: Cheese and Hawaiian

On the way to your next stop (which you should be VERY excited about by the way) make sure to stop at the iconic FRIENDS apartment building. Enjoy the cute little shops in this neighborhood as you make your way to Magnolia Bakery.

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2 Bros Pizza –> Magnolia Bakery: 13 minute walk (0.7 miles)

4. Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia Bakery is my all time favorite bakery in NYC. It doesn’t look like much from the outside but the desserts are to die for! Although there is no sitting room inside the shop you can devour your treat (you can try not to.. but you will devour it) in the cute park across the street. Make sure to order the banana pudding.. seriously.. you have got to try it!

The 11 Best Restaurants in NYC
The 11 Best Restaurants in NYC

Our Recommendations: Banana Pudding, German Chocolate Cupcake, Vanilla Cupcake with Buttercream Frosting

Feeling full yet? Walk north 10 minutes (0.5 miles) to check out Chelsea Market. You probably know that there are plenty of places to eat inside; but we could spend a whole other day on that can of worms. Besides the food you can also find cool shops, vendors, and a great vibe so spend some time exploring!

From Chelsea Market you can go right outside and hop onto the High Line! The High Line is a section of old railway track above the city that has been converted into a walking path and a garden. Walk north for about 20 minutes (0.8 miles) enjoying the greenery and the views of the city.

Still feeling full? No problem! We`ve got 20 more minutes of walking (1 mile) to get to Tacombi.

Magnolia Bakery –> Chelsea Market –> The High Line –> Tacombi: 50 minutes walk (2.3 miles) 

5. Tacombi

Tacombi is a creative Mexican restaurant and one of my faves on this NYC food tour. They serve single tacos for $4-6 USD each allowing you to try as many flavors as you like between your group.

The 11 Best Restaurants in NYC
The 11 Best Restaurants in NYC

Our Recommendations: Chips and Guacamole, Baja Crispy Fish Taco, Black Bean & Sweet Potato Taco, Angus Beef Barbacoa Taco, and the Avocado Todtada.

After pigging out on tacos (I know we said we wouldn`t but they were just so damn good..) why not head up to the top of the Empire State Building? You`re right there, the views of the city are stunning and it will give you time to prepare your stomach for whats to come.

Tacombi –> Shake Shack: 10 minute walk (0.5 miles) 

6. Shake Shack

It wouldn’t be a NYC food tour without a stop at the original Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. Try a legendary burger, fries and a milkshake if you`re stomach is up for the challenge.

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The 11 Best Restaurants in NYC
The 11 Best Restaurants in NYC

Our Recommendations: Shack Burger, Chick`n Shack, Chocolate Shake, and Frozen Custard.

Are you stuffed yet? I`d be a little concerned if you weren`t! For the record; now is a perfectly reasonable time to end your food tour. Take a walk across the street to The Flatiron Building which is famous from movies like Spiderman and Godzilla. If you feel like you could pack one more bite of NY flavor in; I’ve got a bonus round for you. Walk 10 minutes west and have your final dessert of the day at the Doughnut Plant.

Shake Shack –> The Doughnut Plant: 10 minutes (0.5 miles)

7. The Doughnut Plant

An adorable little doughnut shop and the perfect place to end your NYC food tour. They are home to the worlds first creme brulee and offer all sorts of inventive doughnut flavors bound to make you uncomfortably full (but very satisfied).

NYC Walking Food Tour
The Best Vegan Restaurants in New York City

Related: My 6 Favorite Vegan Restaurants in NYCOur Recommendations: Vegan Banana Doughnut, PB & J Doughnut, Red Velvet Doughnut, and Macha Green Tea Doughnut

You did it! Your self guided NYC food tour is complete. You walked 5.2 miles, tried food at all the best stops and did it like a champ! Please fell free to contact us with any questions or comment with your favorite stops! If you`re looking for more fun places to eat, make sure to check out The 11 Best Restaurants in NYC.

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The Best Walking Food Tour in NYC. CLick through for a custom New York Walking Food Tour for the best food stops and some NYC sights! #travelnyc #newyork #NYC #bigapple #newyorktour #newyorkfoodtour #walkingfoodtour
The Best Walking Food Tour in NYC. CLick through for a custom New York Walking Food Tour for the best food stops and some NYC sights! #travelnyc #newyork #NYC #bigapple #newyorktour #newyorkfoodtour #walkingfoodtour


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