Our Story

We are a Canadian couple with a passion for traveling the world. When we first started traveling together we were young and broke. We used any budget tips or deals we could find along the way to make traveling possible. Throughout our adventures we have come to love the idea of

Value Travel!

Let me explain…Can you travel  for as cheap as humanly possible? Sure. Are you going to have the trip of a lifetime or even feel like you did the things you wanted to do? Probably not. On the other hand; how many people have unlimited time and funds to travel completely carefree? Not many.

So where do you go from here? Good news… that`s where we come in! When we travel now; we are focused on getting the most value for our budget, considering the value of our time and having the most valuable experiences we can.

For example: Lets say you have 2 weeks in New York City. You can choose to visit shows and museums on discount days, take public transit or walk everywhere, and even stay outside of Manhattan to cut costs. The fact that you have many days here means that the value of your time spent on these budget hacks doesn`t outweigh the value of your money spent.

If you only have 4 or 5 days in New York City; your time becomes a lot more valuable. You may choose to go to shows or museums for full price because otherwise you wont be able to go at all. It might be worth it to stay more central and take taxis because it will eliminate travel time when you`d rather be soaking up NYC.

Are you with me so far? Now you`re probably wondering if there`s a way to balance all of those factors and create the perfect trip for you and your circumstances. The answer? You bet there is!! Follow our blog if you:
  • Have a large amount of time but a small budget. Check out our budget guides that will help you cut costs and keep you traveling for longer.
  • Have a mid-ranged budget but a limited amount of time. We can help you decide where and when the extra money will be worth the value of your time and experiences.
  • Want to learn where to spend money on a “splurge” and balance that with budget travel in other aspects of your trip.
  • Would like to learn the most effective ways to travel through countries while hitting all of the “must stop” places.
  • Want to be part of a supportive and exciting new travel community!



I`m a 25 year old mechanical engendering technologist, adventure addict and outdoor enthusiast.  After graduating high school Cayleigh and I took a three week trip to Fiji. Even though it was relatively short we had an incredible time and it sparked my travel addiction. Growing up with my family meant being outside as much as you could. My parents were always encouraging my sister and I to try new activities and enjoy every adventure life takes you on. From canoeing down the Bow River to back country camping in the Rocky Mountains; we were so lucky to experience these opportunities early in life. When I`m not out traveling or working at home; I am usually out exploring the mountains, spending tome with friends or fly fishing on the Bow River. 



I am a 26 year old X-Ray Technologist, yogi, and travel lover! Growing up, I was lucky enough to have parents that saw the importance of introducing us to new places. When I was 19 I embarked on my first solo trip for a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica. Throughout that month I realized just how small my little world was in the grand scheme of things. It shifted my whole outlook and left me with a strong desire to see and experience as much as possible. David and I had just started dating before I left; and as much as I loved being in Costa Rica I missed him like crazy.  Over the past 6 years we have grown together and made travel a huge priority in our lives. The only thing that I love more than our life at home is getting to see the world together. When were not off exploring; you can find me enjoying time with my friends and family, running with my dog Bailey, or exploring the Rocky Mountains!