Pokhara is a laid back lake town set amidst the beautiful Himilayas in Nepal. Full of adventure, shopping, and culture you are sure to fall in love with this place. Whether you are staying for 3 days or 3 weeks you will most likely be overwhelmed by the endless food options. Keep reading for our favorite restaurants in Pokhara and why you`ll love them too!


OR2K tops the list of our favorite restaurants in Pokhara as a must visit! This cafe offers beautiful views of the lake and an easy going vibe. Picture an internet cafe full of travelers lounging on big comfy cushions and enjoying colorful fresh food. They boast a huge vegetarian menu full of local and foreign dishes. All fruit and vegetables are washed in safe drinking water so you can go wild! OR2K also caters well to vegan and gluten free diets.

Our Recommendations: Pad Thai, Small Combo Platter,  OR2K Salad, Cheese and Spinach Burek, Chocolate Pumpkin Tart, and The Hot Chocolate Cake.


A large restaurant with charming ambiance and unbelievable local food. Moondance is a great place to enjoy high quality dishes from Nepal and other areas in Asia; as well as some western dishes. Don`t miss this place during your stay in Pokhara!

Our Recommendations: Pad Thai, Thai Curry, Garlic Naan, Pizza, Chicken Fajitas, and Tandoori Chicken.

Fresh Elements

During your time in Nepal you will reach a point where you`ve had your fill of Dhal Bhat (trust me.. you WILL get there!) All you`ll want is a well cooked piece of meat and some fresh vegetables. When you find yourself at this point; head over to Fresh Elements! The food is wonderful and the restaurant is modern and beautiful.

Our Recommendations: The Hummus, The Couscous Salad, The Burger, and The Beef Tenderloin.

Med 5

This Mediterranean restaurant is a great place to go when you’re craving something different. They focus on a combination of Italian, Greek, Turkish, French, and Spanish cuisine. Every choice is a good choice at Med 5! The food is outstanding and the restaurant is very cozy. If you order a drink during happy hour (4-7 PM) you get a free slice of pizza.

Our Recommendations: Build Your Own Pizza, The Veggie Kebab, and The Fresh Juices.

The French Creperie

These crepes.. I am still dreaming about them to this day! This sweet two story restaurant is the perfect place to stop in for brunch and enjoy a sweet or savory crepe. They offer loads of gluten free and vegan options and the food is to die for!

Our Recommendations: The Courage Smoothie, The Yak Cheese Platter, The Hot Chocolate Banana Coconut Crepe, and The Savory Crepes!

Little Windows

Little windows is an adorable little place right in the middle of the main strip. They offer tasty fresh food and a laid back vibe in their open aired dining area. The menu isn`t huge; but rest assured that these are all the options you need to thoroughly enjoy your meal. You can`t go without trying one of their famous Freak Shakes!

Our Recommendations: The Fajitas, The Salads, and The Freak Shakes.

The Juicery

A popular hangout for backpackers; this vegetarian café offers healthy and delicious food. Check it out for a wide variety of juices, smoothie bowls, salads, and the best homemade sourdough bread in Pokhara!

Our Recommendations: The PB Chocolate Smoothie Bowl, The Salads, The Avocado Toast, and all the juices!

Tara`s Vegetarian Restaurant

If you’re looking for local food that`s cheap and tasty; this is your place! Tara`s is located on a small side street with only a few tables available. They make all their dishes from scratch AND serve chocolate momos. Guess what folks.. they are freakin` fantastic!

Our Recommendations: The Chocolate Momos, The Yak Cheese and Tomato Bread, and The Fried Noodles. restaurants in Pokhara

I hope you enjoyed our post and have an amazing time in Nepal! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comment below with your favorite restaurants in Pokhara.

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The Best Restaurants in Pokhara, Nepal. Click through for our favorite places to eat in Pokhara including Local food, vegan and gluten free options, other dishes from southeast Asia, and western food! #pokhara #pokhararestaurants #travelnepal #nepal
The Best Restaurants in Pokhara, Nepal. Click through for our favorite places to eat in Pokhara including Local food, vegan and gluten free options, other dishes from southeast Asia, and western food! #pokhara #pokhararestaurants #travelnepal #nepal


  1. I’ve checked out the juicery, 0R2K and moondance. All great! 0R2K is definitely my favourite though! Can’t wait to go back and try the others. Dreaming of Pokhara already…

    • David&Cayleigh Reply

      Im so glad you enjoyed them Alexandra!
      OR2K was my favorite aswell.. you can`t beat it! Are you planning to go back to Pokhara soon? I would go back to Nepal in a heartbeat!
      Thanks for checking out our website:)

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