Unfortunately, due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic,  staying safe means spending a huge chunk of your time at home.  If your anything like us, you get a little stir crazy when you don`t have a project, a goal, or something to keep yourself busy.  Luckily for all of us, there are literally thousands of DIY tutorials online that cover almost any project you can think of!  Hardware stores are still open and offering pick ups so why not get some projects done while you have a little extra time? Keep reading for a list of awesome self isolation projects you can tackle while staying close to home!


Let’s be honest, chances are there’s at least one room in your home that could use a bright and shiny new coat of paint. Maybe even a complete redesign! Although painting can sometimes be boring and tedious, it can also be fun and relaxing. With loads of time on your hands, this makes for the first of many great self isolation projects you should tackle. If your kids are old enough, you could even stick a paint brush in their hand (you can`t go wrong with free labor?) Just make sure you’ve taped and laid out some extra floor protection before the fun begins.

Home Improvements

If you`re looking to save a few bucks on your monthly energy bills and help out the environment; there are plenty of upgrades you can do to your house to make it more energy efficient. With the money you save you might even be able to put a little extra into that travel fund!

Some of these upgrades include: installing a new smart thermostat, changing out those old bulbs for LED bulbs, and installing low flow water taps for your faucets and shower heads. If you`re extra handy you can even consider increasing the amount of insulation in your attic or installing new windows and doors. These projects will greatly increase the efficiency of your home and save you money in the long run on heating/cooling costs. Plus, it`ll increases the value of your home! Win-win-win!


Have you always wanted to reupholster that old armchair or build a rustic coffee table? I know I have! Whether you want to build a new table, headboard, desk, or maybe even construct a fireplace; this is a great time to give it a whirl. I can`t be the only one guilty of mumbling “I could build that” when I see a ridiculously expensive live edge table in a fancy furniture store.

Reality check- you just got handed all the time in the world!

It may not be quite as beautiful in the end, but who cares about the minor imperfections! It will always mean more when you make it yourself and you`ll learn a few new skills along the way! If you don’t have your own tools, it doesn’t hurt to call your local rental company or even ask a friend.


Now is the PERFECT time to clean, de-clutter, and decorate the space you live in. It will make a huge difference in your mood if you love certain areas in your home. Rearrange, order things online, or get crafty with some new decor!

I am by no means a painter, but lucky for me, Cayleigh has quite the talent for it! Why not try your hand at painting a new piece of art work to spruce up your living room? While traveling, we are always seeing beautiful paintings or funny signs that we know would be easy to make at home. Now is a great opportunity to get motivation from some of those old photo’s. You know, the ones that you weren’t supposed to take in those art studios but did anyways? Seriously though, anyone else do that??  Give it a shot, just don’t try to sell it!


Spring has arrived! Now is a great time to sit down and make a game plan to tackle some of that yard work you’ve been meaning to do. What better way to soak up some sun than to get rolling on some of those self isolation projects you’d like to complete in your own backyard. Researching certain plants that would thrive in your landscape or installing a new irrigation system are great additions to any yard.

Or maybe your deck is on the brink off falling off your house and its time to build a new one! If you’ve always wanted a herb or vegetable garden than build yourself a raised planter and get at it. You can keep them inside while it`s still cool at night and by the time summer rolls around you’ll have some delicious fresh veggies!


Oil ready to be changed? Tires need rotating? Over the years I have saved thousands and thousands of dollars by doing my own maintenance and repairs on vehicles. Although some jobs are much easier than others, most only require basic hand tools and a little patience. YouTube is a fantastic resource for learning how to maintain your car and with most makes and models, there is even a designated blog with thousands of DIY posts.

Diagnosing mechanical problems on a car is actually a lot easier than many people think. All you need to do is research the issues to figure out what part needs replacing. Chris Fix It and Eric The Car Guy are great examples of guys who know what they’re doing and offer a TON of advice, for free!

Self isolation projects are a great way to distract yourself from the news and social media while keeping yourself busy. We hope you enjoyed this post and as always, we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to comment below and tell us what your favorite projects have been during this time. Stay safe and healthy!

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6 self isolation projects to keep your hands & mind busy! Click through for the best projects for self isolation including easy DIY home renovations, a social distancing checklist, and self isolation activities to bring value to your home and your day to day life! #socialdistancing #selfisolation #madetotravel
6 self isolation projects to keep your hands & mind busy! Click through for the best projects for self isolation including easy DIY home renovations, a social distancing checklist, and self isolation activities to bring value to your home and your day to day life! #socialdistancing #selfisolation #madetotravel

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