So you`re thinking about starting a travel blog? That`s amazing! I can tell you from experience that it`s hard work and not always as glamorous as it looks BUT it is 100% worth it! When we first started out we were discouraged by the amount of blogs already out there. What would make ours different? How could we make it unique? After blogging for a few years and trying out so many different methods and ideas; here are the top five things that have helped us the most.

Pick a Specific Niche

This is SO important when starting a travel blog in order to carve out your ideal audience. There are literally thousands of bloggers out there so its important to define what sets you apart. What makes your readers come to you and love you over all of the other blogs they see? Take some time to write down unique things about the way you like to travel. The things that interest you and that you`re passionate about. The more specific; the better.

You want to pick an area and become an expert in that area. Don`t worry about trying to impress everyone or talk about a variety of things when you first start. If you have a generic travel blog you might not have anyone who is strongly uninterested.. but you wont have those extremely engaged followers either. Picking a specific niche is the first step to growing a list of organic, highly engaging followers.

Some examples could be: budget travel, vegan travel, travel throughout Europe, solo female travel, travel with children, etc.

Do Things That Are Out Of The Ordinary

This is a BIG one! The thing about starting a travel blog is that you want to inspire people. You want to push them outside of their comfort zones and most of the time that means pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone as well. They are following you to find new travel inspiration, better ways of doing things and sometimes just to see the incredible and crazy activities you have been up to!

If your trip consists of laying on the beach and drinking pina coladas the entire time.. you`re probably not going to have exciting information for your audience in your next blog post.  Now don`t get me wrong.. we definitely have these days! But we spend the majority of our time searching for amazing and unique experiences.

Write About Places You Know WELL

We`ve all read those blog posts haven`t we? That list off the 5 generic things to do in an area with no real information or insight on the activities that they recommend. They could have just googled it and put together a list for all we know. You want to avoid being that person.

Write about things that you enjoyed, little hidden gems that you found and even things that weren`t worth a visit at all. Trust me..It`s good to have an opinion on things and especially one that stands out from the crowd! This builds the trust of your audience and sets you apart from the rest of the pack.

Write About Questions Your Audience May Have

Have you ever been in a situation where you can`t find any useful information on a certain topic? Whether that`s trying to find directions to a “secret spot”, information about the safety of an area or anything else you`re looking into. Its the most frustrating thing!

Now think about the way you would feel about a blogger when you finally came across their extremely informative, in depth post on the exact topic you spent so long searching for? You love them! They have literally just saved the day. These are the perfect opportunities to write an in-depth step by step guide in order to capture that audience and bring them over to your website!

If you`re traveling and something you want to experience is really unclear.. go check it out! Find all of the answers and pass them along to your audience. They`ll thank you for it! As an example; check out this post we wrote on Driving to Caracol in Belize.

Put Some Personality into it

Last but certainly not least.. let your personality come through in your writing. Now I`m not saying we necessarily care about all the small mundane details.. but share some stories and really try to make that connection with your audience. Think of writing your post the same way you would share the information with a friend in a conversation you were really excited about.

Break your post into smaller paragraphs (3-5 lines each) to make it feel more manageable and personable. Spend time putting your posts together in a way that`s easy to understand and really feels like you. The connection is what will keep your audience coming back time and time again.

We are SO excited that you are about to embark on this journey. Starting a travel blog has opened up so many doors for us and we can`t wait to see what it brings for you. Please don`t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have and know that we are here for you every step of the way. Happy Blogging!
Starting a Travel Blog: Click through for what you need to know about making your blog successful, making it stand out, and working from anywhere in the world! These are the first steps of a work from home business, are you ready? #workfromhome #travelblog #howtostartablog #startingablog
Starting a Travel Blog: Click through for what you need to know about making your blog successful, making it stand out, and working from anywhere in the world! These are the first steps of a work from home business, are you ready? #workfromhome #travelblog #howtostartablog #startingablog

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