We`re going to be self isolating for how long? WHAT?! I`m going to go nuts! That `s the exact thought that crossed my mind last week when my colleagues guessed that we would need to maintain these social distancing standards for at least another 8 weeks. As of now I`ve canceled 3 trips and a ton of really awesome opportunities thanks to COVID-19. While I know there are obviously much larger issues out there to have, I also don`t want any of you to feel like you have to downplay your emotions over it.
Cancelling trips that you have been planning and looking forward to for months SUCKS. Being stuck inside SUCKS. But since that`s our reality at the moment, I wanted to make this list for my travel junkies out there who are struggling with social distancing. Here are 9 ways you can keep your wanderlust during this tough time.

When the initial wave of self isolation rolled out, my immediate reaction was to think of the things that were happening in the next week or two. I had to cancel dinner here, yoga there, and I would be stuck inside for a few weeks. Big deal? I could catch up on some cleaning and do some stuff around the house. In no way was I prepared to be social distancing and canceling trips for 2, 4 or even 6 months down the road.

At first, I didn`t even want to look into other travel destinations. It seemed a bit cruel to daydream about our trip to Scotland in May that isn’t happening or the super fun Women Who Explore Summer Camp I was going to go to in June or all of our summer plans that may or may not happen now. The problem was, in doing that, I muffled a part of myself that fills me with passion, drive, and excitement.

I would say that I make 80% of my decisions based on travel. How will that fit into my travel schedule? Should I pick up more shifts to save up for travel? That`s not a great time of year for me… I`ll probably be traveling! And so on and so forth.

So how was I feeling when all of this passion and energy didn`t have an outlet?
Pretty freaking lousy.

It`s easy to start feeling sorry for yourself about the trips you can`t take or the places you can`t visit. The money you`ve lost or the friends you can`t see.

But feeling sorry for yourself wont change anything. The sooner you realize that, the easier it will be.

What if, instead, we put this time and energy into things that bring us joy? Things that will make our lives better when this is all said and done. What if we could fill our wild, nomadic souls up so full that our energy is contagious; all from the comfort of our own homes? After all, anything is possible, right?

So here are a list of things you can do to keep your wanderlust while practicing social distancing and self isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Work on a Travel Related Project in Your Home

This is one of my favorites because it gives you an opportunity to bring travel experiences into your day to day life at home forever! Here are a few examples: Print out a bunch of your favorite photos and make a photo wall in your living room. Make shadow boxes with photos and mementos from your trips. Make some of this awesome passport art or this sweet postcard coffee table! The possibilities are endless and whatever you make will have a TON of meaning.

Get Lost in Travel Related YouTube Channels

In today’s society, it gets infinitely easier to be sucked into the vortex of online videos by the day. Why not spend a little more time watching videos that inspire you and reignite your passion for seeing the world and a little less time watching ladies dance to “Savage” on Tiktok‎? YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world after Google, so take some time and visit a few of these magical places, virtually!

Cook Your Favorite Dishes From Around The World

There are a few positives that are coming out of this whole self isolation business. Our earth is getting some much needed time to heal, we are being forced to slow down, and we`ve got more time than ever to try new things! So for all of my travel lovers out there who want to experience different cultures, do it through food!

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Visit Museums Virtually

Are you enchanted by the thought of strolling through the Musée d’Orsay in Paris or the Van Gough Museum in Amsterdam? Well, what if i told you that there are hundreds and hundreds of exhibits that you can visit virtually, online, from the comfort of your own bed? Google Arts & Culture makes it super easy to check out some of the most amazing art from around the world, for free. Take advantage of it!

Start Planning a “TBD” Trip

Just because it isn`t safe to be traveling at the moment, doesn`t mean that it will always be that way. Being proactive and getting the ground work done for the trip of your dreams with a “TBD” date is a surefire way to psych yourself up and boost your mood. You can plan the activities you want to do, the places you want to stay and your dream activities. Booking will be a breeze once this self isolation finally comes to an end!

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Organize Your Travel Photos

Organizing your travel photos is an excellent way to kill 2 birds with one stone. You finally get yourself to do a tedious project you`ve been putting off for years PLUS you get to reminisce on some of your most memorable moments from around the world. Whether it`s on your computer or in an album, this is a great way to relive your travels and brighten up your day.

Watch a Travel Related Show

I know, I know, the Tiger King is about as binge-worthy as a train wreck, but there are also a ton of great travel shows out there too! Check out Anthony Bourdain, Departures, or even the Amazing Race to get your travel fill. You can even do it while eating a bag of Salt & Vinegar potato chips on your couch (I`m not judging!)

Participate in Online Travel Communities

There are literally thousands of online communities focused on every type of travel imaginable. Find some that resonate with you and engage with the members! Chances are they are feeling the exact same way you are and you might make some awesome new friends from around the world!

Read Travel Books

Reading is a powerful way to calm your nerves and stimulate your mind. We could all use a little of that in our lives right now, am I right? Here`s a list of the 87 greatest travel books of all time, just in case you`re not sure where to begin!

We hope you found this post useful on how to keep your wanderlust alive while social distancing for COVID-19. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comment below with your favorite way for getting through self isolation. Stay healthy!

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A travel Junkies Guide to Social Distancing: 9 Ways to Keep Your Wanderlust while in Social Isolation. Click through for a list of the best travel related activities you can do at home to overcome your boredom and itchy feet! #selfisolation #socialdistance #traveljunkie
A travel Junkies Guide to Social Distancing: 9 Ways to Keep Your Wanderlust while in Social Isolation. Click through for a list of the best travel related activities you can do at home to overcome your boredom and itchy feet! #selfisolation #socialdistance #traveljunkie

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