The following is a list of the best travel tech gear you should add to your packing list for 2018! These 10 items will help you connect, create, capture and  improve your sense of safety while traveling the world!

Skyroam Solis


First on the travel tech gear list is the Skyroam Solis. It is the newest way to achieve unlimited 4G LTE WiFi in over 120 countries. This powerful little hotspot/powerbank uses an LTE connection for either $9 USD/ day or $99 USD/ month to provide fast, affordable, and reliable internet connection for up to 5 devices. Say goodbye to international travel plans and SIM cards that can rack up your phone bill quickly and purchase this handy gadget for $149 US!

High Gain Wifi Antenna USB Adapter

High Gain Wifi Antenna USB Adapter

Tired of struggling to maintain a consistent Wifi connection at your hostel or at the airport? Try improving your range with with a Wifi Antenna booster. TP-Link is an industry leader and has a few different models ranging in performance and price. If your career is based on remote work then this is a must have gadget!

Gnarbox 2.0 SSD

The Gnarbox is a portable drive that allows you to wirelessly backup, store, organize, and edit your videos/photos using LumaFusion and Adobe Apps. Whether your a professional content creator or a personal travel enthusiast, this device is exceptionally useful and will take the place of your laptop in a heartbeat. The Gnarbox is similar in size to an Iphone and weighs in at a little over 1 lb. It has an Intel Quad Core 2.40 GHZ Processor, 4 GB RAM, and up to 1 TB NVME SSD. It also has 2 USB ports, SD card reader, a removable battery and is waterproof/shockproof! With this awesome piece of travel tech gear, you don`t even need to bring a laptop!

WiFi SD CardWiFi SD Card

A WiFi SD Card is an awesome way to upgrade your favorite travel camera. Toshiba and Canon are just a couple of makers of these  useful cards. They come in 8, 16, 32, 64 GB of size and are compatible with almost any device.

Wireless EarbudsJabra Elite Active 65t Earbuds- Travel Tech Gear

Wireless Earbuds are one of the best upgrades you can add to your travel tech gear. They’re extremely compact, easy to use, and provide quality sound. The Jabra Elite Active 65t earbuds are waterproof, sound cancelling, 5 hours of battery life, motion censored, and come with a compact battery case that provides 2 extra charges. No more struggling with tangled headphones!

Travel Door Alarm 

Travel Door Alarm

If your traveling alone or simply find yourself in one of those situations where you have no other option but to spend the night. That’s exactly when you’ll be happy you tossed this gadget in your travel bag! Its under $20 and has an intense sound level of 91 dB that is sure to shock any intruder or aware people around that a break-in is happening.

Trakdot Luggage Tracker

As you know, good gear is expensive and can often leave you anxious when you have to leave it unattended at an airport or at a hostel. The Trakdot luggage tracker is a compact device that lets you locate your luggage at all times. The Trakdot uses GMS technology to communicate, TSA approved, and operates for approximately 2 days on 2 AA battery’s.  It notify’s you when your near an airport and automatically shuts off when the plane takes off. It will then notify you by text or email when your luggage has arrived. If your bag doesn’t arrive, you’ll be able to open the app and see where it is on a map. The Trakdot costs $59.95, plus $8.99 for activation and $12.99/year subscription fee. The first year is included with purchase.

DJI Mavic AirDJI Mavic Air- Travel Tech Gear

This drone has been rated the best travel drone and it comes with endless features. Needless to say the release of the DJI Mavic Air was exciting for travel bloggers/content creators all over the world. The Air folds down to the size of your hand and can fly for about 20 min depending on wind speed and temperature. It has a 4K 100 Mbps video, 12 MP Camera, 3-axis gimbal, 3 directional environment sensing, smart capture, SD card slot, and a removable battery. It also has a max speed of 68 kph and a max distance of 10 km. The additional video recording features include ActiveTrack, Asteriod & Boomerang QuickShots, SmartCapture, and TapFly. There’s word of a new Mavic II coming out soon but until that happens, the Mavic Air is the drone of choice.

GoPro Hero 6GoPro Hero 6

GoPro has been the leader in action cameras for years now and they didn’t reach the top with a bad product. There lineup features the best action cameras like the 4K Hero 6 or NEW 5.2K Fusion 360 to more affordable cameras like the Session. They’re wireless, durable, waterproof, compact, rugged, and come with a removable battery.

Smartphone Case (Screen-less, Waterproof, and Shockproof)

Lifeproof Nuud Smartphone Case

With smartphones approaching the $1000 mark, it’s ridiculous not to consider a durable case to protect one of your most used devices. Lifeproof is one of the leaders in this industry and has been for a long time. The Nuud series is one of the most ergonomic, durable, and aesthetically pleasing cases out there.

That concludes the best travel tech gear list for 2018. Please feel free to email us with any questions or comment with some of your favorite gear!

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