Yogyakarta; often referred to as “Jogja” is an extremely unique city on the island of Java. Renowned for education and fine arts you will find remarkable culture and diversity here.  Indulge in historic monuments and temples, traditional art and crafts, excellent cuisine and so much more while traveling to Yogyakarta.

Take in the View From the Top of Borobudur Temple

Visiting the largest Buddhist monument in the world tops the list of the best things to do in Yogyakarta! It`s about a 1.5 hours drive from the city but absolutely worth the trip! There are many tours you can book to take you from Yogyakarta to Borobudur starting at around $975,000 IDR ($73 USD) per person.  Another option is to hire a car for around 500,000 IDR ($37 USD) and pay the entrance fee of $325,00 IDR ($24 USD) to get in.

Sarongs are provided at the gate to cover your knees. You can also buy a 2 temple pass (Borobudur and Prambanan) for $520,000 IDR ($39 USD). Some tours also combine Borobudur with other activities; so the best method of transportation depends on the amount of people in your group and what you want to see in the day.

When we visited; we decided to make the most out of hiring a private car for the day. They picked us up at the airport at 7 am and we drove two hours to Borobudur. From there we went to Kalibiru National Park (1.5 hours drive) and finally back to our homestay in Yogyakarta that evening. This way we didn’t have to man the crazy taxi mob at the airport, we could leave our packs in the car while we were exploring and we ended up getting a steal of a deal for all the driving!

Get Creative With a Leather Workshop

Kaula Leather Workshop is a fun and creative way to spend your day in Yogyakarta. Abenk is extremely talented and very patient while you make your design from start to finish. We arrived at his workshop in the morning and picked out what we would like to make. From cutting and staining the leather to stitching and adding buckles we learned it all. David made a belt for $250,00 IDR ($19 USD) which took about 2 hours to complete. I made a purse that took 7 hours and cost $950,000 IDR ($71 USD). In a 1 day workshop you can make earrings, belts, wallets or small purses. In addition, he offers multi-day workshops in order to make a bag or backpack.

Shop for Local Batik

Batik is the art of decorating cloth using wax and dye. Hot wax is brushed over selected areas and the cloth is then colored. The wax covered areas resist the dye and remain the original shade. When creating multi-color designs this process is repeated several times. Finally the wax is removed before making the cloth into clothing, wall hangings, or textiles. Some of the finest batik cloth in the world is made on the Island of Java. Take a look through local shops and you are sure to come across some beautiful finds.

Visit Prambanan Temple

The largest Hindu temple in Indonesia was originally made up of 240 buildings; however many have been destroyed or looted throughout the centuries. It has since been revitalized and was declared a world heritage site in 1991. You can take a tour or hire a driver to get you here from Yogyakarta. The entrance fee is 325,000 IDR ($24 USD) or you can buy a 2 temple pass (Borobudur and Prambanan) for $520,000 IDR ($39 USD).

Take Some Crazy Photos at De Mata Eye 3D Museum

De Mata Trick Eye 3D Museum is a one of a kind museum offering a different approach to art. There are tons of unique three-dimensional paintings that make for brilliant photo-ops. Take your photo with superheroes or famous monuments. Stand in a volcano or on a rope bridge over a huge crevice. With over 200 pieces of art; this museum has something for everyone.

Walk Through the Taman Sari (Water Castle)

The Taman Sari  is the former royal garden of the Sultanate of Yogyakarta. Stop here on your way to the local market and explore for about half an hour. It costs 12,500 IDR ($0.93 USD) to get in, plus an additional 20,000 IDR ($1.48 USD) if you want a local guide. Enjoy the small shops and food carts in the complex while you walk around!

Shop at Pasar Beringharjo (The Local Market)

Explore this traditional local market while shopping or having a bite to eat. Find food, clothes, spices, local Batik, trinkets and pretty much anything else you could imagine. You can still expect to haggle here but keep in mind that they are closer to local prices. We got food from one of the carts out front and it was great; just be sure to pick a cart with a lot of local customers.

Try Some Monggo Chocolate

While we love to try chocolate everywhere we go; Monggo is one of our all time favorites. Watch them make the chocolate while you sample the different flavors at the factory.  Recycled paper is used to package the chocolate and 80% of the production is done on site. Another place to visit is the showroom closer to the main tourist area. Buy and sample the chocolate or stop in at their café for lunch.

Climb a Tree at Kalibiru National Park

After a long drive up a steep, winding road you pay a small entrance fee of 10,000 IDR ($0.74 USD) to get in to the park.  Next, there are 4 or 5 platforms that you can wait in line to climb up. Each photo spot costs 10,000 – 15,000 IDR (around $1 USD) to enter and you get a few minutes at the top to take photos. Although it is not the kind of National Park we were expecting the views were beautiful and the photos were fun. I do want to make it clear that you are only going here to take photos; there are no trails or walking areas to explore.

Stay at Omah Salam

Spacious rooms with great food and amazing staff! This homestay has a beautiful living area and is walking distance to anywhere you want to go. The staff go above and beyond to make sure you enjoy your stay and have great recommendations for food and things to do in Yogyakarta.

We hope you have a great time in Yogyakarta! For more information on transportation, currency and what to wear check out our page on Traveling Indonesia. As always; feel free to contact us with any questions or comment below with your favorite experiences in this awesome city.

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The best things to do in Yogyakarta, java. This historic city in Indonesia is famous for Borobudur; the largest Buddhist temple in the world and on of the old wonders of the world. You can also attend a leather making class, visit the taman sair (water castle) and much more! #indonesia #yogyakarta #java #jogja #prambanan #borobudur #budgettravel
The best things to do in Yogyakarta, java. This historic city in Indonesia is famous for Borobudur; the largest Buddhist temple in the world and on of the old wonders of the world. You can also attend a leather making class, visit the taman sair (water castle) and much more! #indonesia #yogyakarta #java #jogja #prambanan #borobudur #budgettravel

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