Most people try to avoid the harsh Canadian winter and visit in the summer or the fall.  The truth is; with less crowds and a clean sheet of white snow.. Canada has never looked so beautiful! Keep reading for 10 photos that will make you want to experience winter in Canada.

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is one of the most iconic lakes in the Rocky Mountains. If your up for a hike while you`re here; check out the 11 km trail to Lake Agnes or the 9 km trail up Fairview Mountain which overlooks this glacier blue lake! Tourist buses arrive hourly which can make it extremely crowded during the summer months. Enjoy a little more peace and quiet by visiting during winter in Canada!

winter in canada

Prairie Mountain

Hiking isn’t always possible or safe during the winter in Canada. The slopes are icy and avalanches are a real possibility! There are a few hikes, like Prairie Mountain, that are well traveled during the winter months and can make for an exceptional sunrise or sunset trek!

Ice Skating/Hockey

Nothing beats a good ol’ Hockey game! Many of the local lakes clear an area off for skating and hockey during the winter season. Grab a thermos full of hot chocolate, a splash of bailey’s and hit the ice with a few friends! Look into Abraham Lake for the famous ‘Frozen A Bubbles’ that make for a a very unique experience.

Rawson Lake

Kananaskis is just as breath taking in the winter as the summer months and many of the popular trails are open year around! Grab some snowshoes and hike into this beautiful frozen lake.

winter in canada

Rocky Mountain Elk

Even though it’s freezing; the wildlife is staying active to keep warm! The good news…most of the bears are hibernating during the winter. Tl be safe you still want to pack some bear spray when you hit the trails.. cougars are still kickin’ around.

Hot Springs

Because we have multiple days of -30 degree’s Celsius during the winter, we have a few hot springs scattered through out the Rocky’s to warm us up! They vary from remote hike in springs to well maintained springs with an entry fee.

Snow Shoeing

When the snow is to deep for boots and crampons, its time to brake out the snow shoes!

winter in canada

Emerald Lake

During October and November before the alpine lakes to start to freeze; the views of Emerald lake are absolutely breath taking!

winter in canada

Two Jack Lake

Two Jack Lake is a gorgeous lake in the Rocky Mountains that always has multiple skating rings shoveled off. Head out here on a clear day for some fun on the ice!

Chester Lake

Don’t let the cold weather hold you back! Chester Lake is an excellent snow shoe route that will get you working and reward you with these spectacular views.

We hope you enjoyed seeing some of our favorite spots to be during the winter in Canada! Let us know if you have any questions or comment with your favorite winter activities. Don’t forget to dress warm!

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